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Graphic Novels for Autumn 2022 | Reviews

Graphic novels are a great way to get reluctant readers to pick up a book; from Dog Man to Alex Rider, they have kick-started many reading journeys. So I decided to try a few I hadn’t read yet for our newest review selection.

All entries in this round-up are illustrated in full colour.

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May 2021 review round-up book covers
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Libraries 4 Schools 2021 Review Round-Up 2

Welcome to our most recent review round-up, where we take a quick look at just some of the books you might like to add to your school or personal bookshelves. And what a great selection we have for you!

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Candy book cover
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Candy | Book Review

By Lavie Tidhar, with illustrations by Mark Beech (Scholastic Children’s Books)

“If I’d ever thought about it before, I imagined the candy trade was just a game, a handful of chocolates at a time, but this shocked me – the scale of it was much bigger than I’d expected. It didn’t feel so much like a game, all of a sudden.”

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Rabbit And Bear Attack Snack review
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Rabbit & Bear: Attack of the Snack | Review

By author Julian Gough and illustrator Jim Field (Hodder Children’s Books)

There are some books that can get younger readers (and me!) chuckling before they even open the cover. One such series is ‘The Bad Guys’ by Aaron Blabey, and another is Gough and Field’s ‘Rabbit and Bear’.

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Chocolate Factory Ghost review
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Out Now: The Chocolate Factory Ghost

By author David O’Connell, with illustrations by Claire Powell (Bloomsbury Publishing)

When Archie McBudge finds out that he is heir to a sweet-making dynasty, it takes him and his Mum completely by surprise.

Everything from now on should be perfect; after all, isn’t it every child’s dream to own a sweet factory?

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The Nothing To See Here Hotel review
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Out Now: The Nothing To See Here Hotel

By author Steven Butler and illustrator Steven Lenton (Simon & Schuster Children’s UK)

Are you a ghost tired of going bump in the night? Perhaps a troll who wants a break from the all the goats trip-trapping over your bridge? Then head for the best holiday destination for magical creatures, and Brighton’s best kept secret, The Nothing to See Here Hotel!

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I Killed Father Christmas review
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Out Now: I Killed Father Christmas

By author Anthony McGowan, with illustrations by Chris Riddell (‘Little Gems’ from Barrington Stoke)

It’s Christmas Eve when Dad, looking at Jo-Jo’s extensive Christmas list, tells him that due to the economy Father Christmas doesn’t have much money for presents this year.

Hiding under his pillow to avoid the argument that this sparks between his parents, Jo-Jo overhears Mum accuse Dad of “killing Christmas”. What does she mean? Then Jo-Jo realises Dad must have killed Father Christmas…and it’s all Jo-Jo’s fault.

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