Libraries 4 Schools can help you develop a new library for your school, or renew and update an existing one. We offer half-day, full-day and longer visits, depending on your needs.

When we visit, we can:

  • assess your requirements;
  • look at potential areas in the school for your library (if a location isn’t already decided);
  • show you how to catalogue non-fiction books using the Dewey system;
  • help you select titles for your shelves;
  • advise you on the best library system to suit your needs (and pocket!);
  • help you with ideas for layout, displays and activities;
  • work with you to make your library an essential part of your school environment.

Visiting Your School

In a half-day visit, we can come in and discuss your needs and help you to decide on the best way to set up your library, giving you ideas and advice on how to keep it fresh and engaging.

In a full-day visit, we can show your library staff how to catalogue, classify and prepare your books for shelving, and how to run a library day-to-day. We can also advise you on choosing stock, mending and covering books, designing displays, and other aspects of running your library.

With a longer visit, we can help you in all aspects of establishing your library and getting it up and running.

If you already have a library, we can tailor any of the above to help you review, renew or expand it.


Interested and want to know more? Contact us!