Book recommendations covers for March 2024
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Monthly Book Recommendations: March 2024

Welcome to our first monthly book recommendations post! We realised that we read SO many books that we simply don’t have time to fully review, but still want to share with the world. So going forward, we’re hoping to do a post at the start of each month, covering what we read last month. Here’s our books from March 2024!

Graphic Novels

Graphic novel recommendations covers for March 2024

We read four bright and colourful first entries into graphic novel series last month.

The Adventures of Invisible BoyDoogie Horner (pub. Scholastic)
When new boy Stanley knocks over a science project, the unforeseen consequences could make his day, but the angry inventor has other ideas. Fantastically fun – a great new series!

Bird & SquirrelJames Burks (pub. Scholastic)
It’s a beautiful day and Bird is out to enjoy it, but Squirrel has winter to prepare for. Would a road trip to the South be a better idea? Pursued by a cat from hell, this is a hilarious adventure about two very different friends. This newly-published version compiles books 1 and 2.

Pablo and SplashSheena Dempsey (pub. Bloomsbury Children’s Books)
They may be penguins that live in Antarctica, but Splash is cold and wants a holiday. Professor O’Brain needs two penguins, so when Pablo and Splash drop in, they’re ideal for her plans. But plans don’t always go to…plan! Join them for a side-splitting holiday of a lifetime.

Unicorn BoyDave Roman (pub. Hachette Children’s Books)
When a singing, sparkly, unicorn horn grows on Brian’s head his life will never be the same again.
Brian sees no hope until a talking muffin makes him believe in magic just when he will need it most. A brilliant, heart-warming story full of thrills and spills.


Non-fiction book recommendations covers for March 2024

Most Haunted TheatresYvette Fielding, illustrated by Hannah Shaw (pub. Andersen Press)
Covering nine different theatres around the country, each chapter opens with a sketch of the theatre, together with the ghosts you could encounter and paranormal activity there. Full of interesting facts, this is a real treat for any would-be ghost hunter.

Live Like A Roman: Discovering the Secrets of Ancient RomeClaire Saunders, illustrated by Ruth Hickson (pub. Button Books)
If you want to know how Roman society was organised, what the ‘everyday jobs’ were, or how to build a Roman road, then this is the book for you. With things to make and recipes to try, this gives you an all round experience of Roman life. Watch out for the other titles in this series!


Fiction book recommendations covers for March 2024

Finally, here are three new series for younger readers.

Murray and Bun! Murray the VikingAdam Stower (pub. HarperCollins Children’s Books)
Join Murray the cat and Bun (a bouncy rabbit with a cherry tail, who was once a bun with a cherry on top!), as they’re transported through the cat flap into the land of Vikings where they are mistaken for troll hunters. Packed with charmingly funny line drawings, and characters to fall in love with.

Astrid and the Space Cadets! Attack of the Snailiens!Alex T. Smith (pub. Macmillan Children’s Books)
Climb aboard the rocket and join Astrid and the Space Cadets! No mission is too big or too small, but when they come up against the Giant Snailiens, will they be able to cut them down to size?
Alex’s lively drawings enhance this giggle-filled adventure into space.

Kwame’s Magic Quest: Rise of the Green FlameBernard Mensah, illustrated by Natasha Nayo (pub. Scholastic)
Drawing inspiration from the Akan ethnic group in Ghana and African culture, this story is full of magic, the importance of family, and making new and lasting friendships.
In this first book we join 8-year-old Kwame on his first day at Nkonyaa School, where he will find out what type of magic he has.
With amazing illustrations of the characters and the different types of magic, this will grab the imagination of young readers in search of adventure.

That’s it for March’s recommendations! There’s so many amazing books out there, and we’re so pleased to be able to share some of them with you. Let us know on Threads or Twitter/X which ones you like the look of!

If any of the books have grabbed your attention, then you can pick up a copy of them via our recommendations list below.

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