I Swapped My Brother on the Internet review
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Summer Sizzlers 2018 | Reviews

This summer has been hot, hot, hot, so why not find yourself a shady spot and grab one of the cool titles from our reviews below!


Dog Diaries

By authors Steven Butler and James Patterson, and illustrator Richard Watson (Young Arrow, Penguin Random House)

Dog Diaries review

Did you know dogs keep diaries? No? Neither did I!

In this funny and engaging story, we meet Junior – a mutt full of mischief – and his new family, the ‘Catch-a-bones’ (‘Khatchadorian’ in Junior-speak!).

In his diary, Junior gives us the highs and lows of the Hills Village Dog Shelter, his new home and doggy life in general, with large dollops of humour and doggy lingo.

To continue the fun, the back of the book contains various activities, a doggy dot-to-dot, a word search and a spot-the-difference.

A great book for 6 years and up, but be aware that it does contain Americanisms so some things may need a quick explanation!


Riddle of the Runes (Viking Mystery 1)

By author Janina Ramirez and illustrator David Wyatt (Oxford Uni Press)

Riddle of the Runes review

When a crime shatters the quiet, settled life in Kilsgard, the Jarl calls on Magnus to solve the problem, but his niece Alva has other ideas.

Find yourself catapulted back in time to the vibrant colour of the Viking Age, in this wonderful story of the young and feisty shield maiden-to-be, Alva, and her wolf companion Fenrir.

Full of interesting facts about Viking life and Norse mythology, and evocative, realistic illustrations, I was enthralled by Alva and her world.

Ramirez brings an exciting new voice to children’s historical fiction.


I Swapped My Brother On The Internet

By author Jo Simmons and illustrator Nathan Reed (Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

I Swapped My Brother on the Internet review

When Jonny sees an advert pop-up on his computer screen for ‘www.siblingswap.com’, he thinks all his problems with his older brother Ted will be over.

No more teasing and name-calling. No more wedgies or ear-flicks. Simply fill in the application form and get your new sibling in 24 hours!

Can it really be that easy to get the perfect brother? Well…no.

The first that arrives is not exactly what Jonny expected; the next one is even weirder, and the one after that weirder still.

Will Jonny ever find the perfect sibling match?

In Jo Simmons’ brilliant, laugh-out-loud tale of brotherly love and war, the moral is definitely ‘be careful what you wish for’!


The Storm Keeper’s Island

By Catherine Doyle (Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

The Storm Keeper's Island review

A beautiful and haunting tale of magic old and new.

The Storm Keeper of Arranmore Island has kept everything in balance for centuries; a new Storm Keeper chosen with each new generation. And the current one, Fionn’s grandfather, is getting old.

The minute Fionn steps onto the island, it seems to wake up. But underneath the island, dark and sinister magic is stirring as well…

Who will protect the island and its people from enemies…both ancient and modern?

I felt myself buffeted by the wind and tides of the island as I navigated through this dark and unforgettable tale of good and evil. A journey no-one should miss!