How Winston delivered Christmas review
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How Winston Delivered Christmas | Review

An Advent Story in Twenty-Four-And-A-Half Chapters

Written and illustrated by Alex T Smith (Macmillan Children’s Books)

One of the books I brought back from my pre-Christmas visit to the West Country (and its lovely indie bookshops) was ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’. And I’m so pleased I did!

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I Killed Father Christmas review
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Out Now: I Killed Father Christmas

By author Anthony McGowan, with illustrations by Chris Riddell (‘Little Gems’ from Barrington Stoke)

It’s Christmas Eve when Dad, looking at Jo-Jo’s extensive Christmas list, tells him that due to the economy Father Christmas doesn’t have much money for presents this year.

Hiding under his pillow to avoid the argument that this sparks between his parents, Jo-Jo overhears Mum accuse Dad of “killing Christmas”. What does she mean? Then Jo-Jo realises Dad must have killed Father Christmas…and it’s all Jo-Jo’s fault.

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