How Winston delivered Christmas review
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How Winston Delivered Christmas | Review

An Advent Story in Twenty-Four-And-A-Half Chapters

Written and illustrated by Alex T Smith (Macmillan Children’s Books)

One of the books I brought back from my pre-Christmas visit to the West Country (and its lovely indie bookshops) was ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’. And I’m so pleased I did!

I spent the whole of the run-up to Christmas – from the first of December until Christmas Day – accompanying a little white mouse called Winston on his epic adventure; trying (as hard as only a small mouse can) to complete his Very Important Job. With a long way to go, and no idea how to get there, Winston only has Christmas Eve to get the job done.

Each chapter is only a couple of pages long with brilliantly heart-warming, and sometimes heart-stopping, illustrations. At the end of each chapter is a delightful Christmas activity you can easily do at home with the family.

This is sure to become a classic, an absolutely charming book that you can share year after year. It’s a snow-filled advent calendar that feeds the imagination and not the waistline!

Get it now so you’re ready for December 1st 2019, and experience an advent you’ll never forget.