Chocolate Factory Ghost review
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Out Now: The Chocolate Factory Ghost

By author David O’Connell, with illustrations by Claire Powell (Bloomsbury Publishing)

When Archie McBudge finds out that he is heir to a sweet-making dynasty, it takes him and his Mum completely by surprise.

Everything from now on should be perfect; after all, isn’t it every child’s dream to own a sweet factory?

But the small Scottish village of Dundoodle isn’t all that it seems, and neither is Archie’s inheritance…

With murderous cousins, sinister happenings and supernatural occurences, a quest to complete, and the risk of the sweet factory closing hanging over his head due to a missing ingredient, Archie will need all the help he can get – sometimes from the unlikeliest of places.

I found the story to be a humorous romp, with likeable characters and just the right amount of silliness for younger readers. Funny and fast-moving, with brilliant illustrations, this is an ideal read for 6yrs and up, who will find friends in the boisterous characters of Archie, Fliss and Billy.

Being the first in a new series (titled The Dundoodle Mysteries) means we have a bit of a wait before the second book – I’m already looking forward to the next instalment!