Bringing Back Kay-Kay / The Tree That Sang to Me book covers for double review
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Bringing Back Kay-Kay / The Tree That Sang to Me | Double Review

This month’s review brings together two books that have a similar theme: both are from the perspective of a younger sibling dealing with an older sibling who is missing from their life, though the circumstances around it, and how they deal with it, are approached very differently.

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The Song Walker book cover for review shows an orange desert under a harsh sun. Two girls are walking - on the left, a white girl in a black dress carrying a metal case. On the right, a black girl in dungarees pointing off and leading the way. In the centre of the image is a green bird, with the book title around it in blue.
Book Reviews

The Song Walker | Book Review

By Zillah Bethell (published by Usborne Publishing, 2023)

The bottle is removed from my lips. I try calling out for it to be returned, but then a hand – wet with water – runs over my brow, cooling my forehead. It feels so good.

“Wait here,” the voice says. “I will be back soon. A few minutes. Don’t move.”

I hear feet scrunching against the dirt. Running. Away from me. I raise my arms in the air. Please don’t go, I try saying, but nothing comes out of my mouth. Please stay. Don’t leave me alone here.

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