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Don’t Touch My Hair! / #Goldilocks | Picture Book Reviews

We recently came across two brilliant picture books that look at a couple of specific issues not often discussed in stories for younger readers. So we decided to do a double post to share them with you all!

Don’t Touch My Hair!

By Sharee Miller (Little, Brown Book Group)

Don't Touch My Hair book cover

A very memorable book, based on the personal experiences of the author.

Aria is an ordinary girl with wonderfully soft, bouncy hair, and a big problem – people keep touching it!

Not only do they touch her hair, but they don’t even ask permission first. No matter where she goes – even the jungle, or outer space – it’s always the same. Finally, there comes a point that Aria has had ENOUGH.

This story tackles the important issue of personal boundaries; of asking permission no matter what your age, and of everyone’s right to say “no” without feeling afraid to do so.

With a wonderful central character and humorous, bright pictures as bouncy as Aria’s hair, this is a fantastic addition to every primary library. I bought it for a school library I was working in and had a wonderful moment when a little girl with the same style of hair saw it and proudly announced “It’s me! I’m going to get that book and put it in a glass cabinet, and say DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR”.

#Goldilocks (A Hashtag Cautionary Tale) 

By authorJeanne Willisand illustrator Tony Ross (Andersen Press)

#Goldilocks book cover

From the award-winning author and illustrator team of Willis and Ross, comes another great picture book, this one marking the launch of Vodafone UK’s ‘Digital Parenting’ website, introducing internet safety to primary age children.

#Goldilocks shows us the classic fairy-tale character as a modern teenager; addicted to her mobile phone and increasing her followers on social media, through selfies and family antics. It’s never quite enough though, and she starts to post more and more daring and shocking acts. Where will it end?

With its rhyming text and colourful, engaging illustrations, this is a book that makes its point about using social media responsibly in a gloriously funny way. This is definitely a title that should be shared with every primary child and adult, and can be downloaded for free (along with a fun activity sheet) from Vodafone UK’s ‘Digital Parenting’ website here