Meg Rosoff Wins Memorial Award

Meg Rosoff Wins Prestigious Memorial Award

Congratulations to Meg Rosoff on winning the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award!

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award was founded in 2002 and is presented every year, and is the largest international children’s and young adult literature award in the world. It can be awarded to authors, illustrators, storytellers or reading promoters, and is given for lifelong work or activities that are of the highest artistic quality and include the humanistic values that were dear to Lindgren.

The jury selects one winner from a selection of nominees made by nominating bodies all over the world.

The jury said that the Meg Rosoff “empathizes completely with young people and is utterly loyal to them”, adding: “She uses concrete, vibrant language, whether she is describing a landscape, a piece of clothing, or the groceries in the pantry. She infuses darkness with humour to produce stylistic masterpieces.”

You can read more about the Memorial Award on their website