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Cressida Cowell Talks of Dragons and Wizards

Author Cressida Cowell, best known for the How To Train Your Dragon books, visited Waterstones book store in Canterbury on Thursday 21st September to promote her new book The Wizards of Once, the first entry in her new series of the same name.

During the evening, we were given a little insight into the making of the highly successful How To Train Your Dragon animated films, before Cressida went on to show us slides of some of the illustrations in her new book and explain where some of her inspiration comes from.

Opening with the line “Once there was Magic” the lavishly illustrated story draws you into the world of Xar and Wish, a Wizard boy with no magic and a Warrior girl with something to hide. These two children from opposing factions find themselves thrown together and need to put aside their differences if they are to finish their journey.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to have a few words with Cressida and she expressed her belief of how important librarians are when it comes to promoting a love of books and reading in children.

Cressida Cowell and Lynda Britnell
Cressida Cowell and Lynda Britnell